Vocational Education Combating Social Exclusion

National Observatory report to the European Training Foundation
RÓga, 2000


1. Introduction
2. Social-economic and cultural situation in country

2.1. Changes in society and culture
2.2. Transformation in the economy
2.3. The characteristics of labour market
2.4. Social economic changes in the context of social cohesion
2.5. Factors and processes enhancing risk of social exclusion

3. Analysis of risk groups

3.1. Families with children
3.2. Youth aged 15 - 19

3.2.1. Young people leaving school without acquiring basic education. 
3.2.2. 9th grade graduates
3.2.3. Early vocational school leavers
3.2.4. Unemployed youth
3.2.5. Vocational school graduates
3.2.6. Young people needed alternative care
3.2.7. Youth leading asocial way of life

3.3. Unemployed

3.3.1. Long-term unemployed
3.3.2. Unemployed women
3.3.3. Seasonal and casual job workers

3.4. Freed prisoners and leavers from social rehabilitation

3.4.1. Freed prisoners
3.4.2. Leavers from social rehabilitation

3.5. Disabled persons

4. Policy provision

4.1. Political reforms
4.2. Social welfare system
4.3. State policy to prevent social exclusion

4.3.1. Families with children
4.3.2. Youth
4.3.3. Unemployed
4.3.4. Freed prisoners and leavers from social rehabilitation
4.3.5. Disabled

4.4. The role of civil society against social exclusion

5. Methodologies of approaching risk groups

5.1. Remedial education in general schools
5.2. Remedial education in vocational schools
5.3. Vocational training within prisons
5.4. Social rehabilitation and vocational training for orphans
5.5. Rehabilitation of drug addicts
5.6. Registration with the State Employment Service (SES)

6. Draft project proposal for reducing social exclusion

6.1. Combating of social exclusion through development of pedagogical and social remedial programmes in vocational education
6.2. Recommendation for future action in prevention of social exclusion

7. Annex

8. References

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