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Information regarding vocational education can be found in the State Statistical Bureau, Ministries of Education and Science, Agriculture, Welfare and Culture, and in Vocational Education Centres.

The only organisation in Latvia that has legal rights to gather statistical information from all institutions is the State Statistical Bureau (SSB). The SSB also creates questionnaires for different kinds of schools, and gathers and disseminates such primary sources of information. Information is used by Ministry of Education and Science to analyse the current situation and trends and to propose strategic acts.

As no specific VET research centre exists in Latvia and no VET research is carried out in the universities, the role of National Observatory in the gathering and dissemination of VET-related information becomes more and more important.

In 1997 the working group of National Observatory network (supported by the ETF) first created an additional list of questions regarding to VET to be included in the questionnaire for SSB labour force survey (see annex).

The Observatory has a chance to become an organiser/initiator of VET research at least in directions connected with those of the Observatory reports. In 1997 Latvian National Observatory with the support of ETF has carried out investigations in several VET related fields and published the following reports:

  1. Vocational Education in Latvia 1997 (in Latvian and English)
  2. Tertiary Education 1997(in Latvian)
  3. The Role of the Social Partners in the Development of Vocational Education in Latvia (in Latvian and English) 1998
  4. Who Seeks Job in Latvia? 1998(in Latvian and English)- report was made together with the Regional Observatory of Burgundy (OREF)
  5. Analysis of the response of the VET system to the new economic objectives in Latvia. 1998 (in Latvian and English)
  6. Vocational Education in Latvia. 1998 (in Latvian)
  7. Regulated professions in Latvia. 1998 (in Latvian and English)

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