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ENIC and NARIC Working Party on

Recognition Issues in the Bologna Process


Aims and purposes , Participants and Secretariat of the WP

WP document "Recognition issues in the Bologna Process"

See information on the Council of Europe seminar 'Recognition Issues in the Bologna Process'  held in Lisbon, April 11-12, 2002

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Aims and purposes of the WP on Recognition issues in the Bologna process

The ENIC/NARIC Working Party on recognition issues in the Bologna Process was established in order to ensure that the knowledge and experience of the ENIC and NARIC Networks is put to good use in the Bologna Process. Its aim is to identify recognition issues of importance to the Bologna Process where solutions have yet to be found and to submit proposals in time for them to be taken account of in the preparation of the next Ministerial meeting in the Process, to be held in Praha in May 2001.

The working party held its first meeting in Bruxelles on 1 March 2000. It is chaired by Mr. Jindra Divis (Dutch ENIC/NARIC), and the Council of Europe provides the main Secretariat for this Working Party. A second meeting was held on October 9, 2000 in Den Haag.

The working party has prepared a document on the Recognition issues in the Bologna process which was discussed at the Joint meeting of the ENIC and NARIC networks in Bruxelles, 22 – 24 May.

The purpose of this document is to give a brief overview of the Bologna Process and, above all, to seek to stimulate discussions regarding further development of recognition in the context of Bologna process.





of the ENIC/NARIC working party
on Recognition issues in the Bologna process


Mme Chantal KAUFMANN, Directrice générale adjointe, Direction générale de l'Enseignement Supérieur, Ministčre de la Communauté francaise, boulevard Pachéco, 19 – Bte 0, B - 1000 BRUXELLES

Tel +32 2 210 55 77 Fax +32 2 210 59 92

E-mail chantal.kaufmann@cfwb.be http://www.cfwb.be/infosup


Mrs. Stepanka SKUHROVA, Head of Czech ENIC/NARIC, Centre of Higher Education Studies (CHES), U Luzickeho Seminare 13, CZ-11800, Praha 1

E Tel: +420 2 57530500 Fax: +420 2 57531672

E-mail: skuhrova@csvs.cz



Ms. Jette KIRSTEIN, Danish Centre for Assessment of Foreign Credentials (Center for Vurdering af Udenlandske Uddannelser (CVUU)), Danasvej 30,
DK-1780 Copenhagen V
E Tel: +45 33 26 84 90 Fax: +45 33 26 84 91


Ms. Carita BLOMQVIST, Senior Adviser, National Board of Education, PO Box 380, FIN-00531 Helsinki

E Tel: +358 9 77477128; Fax: +358 9 774 772 01;

E-mail: carita.blomqvist@oph.fi




Mr. Guy HAUG, Association des Universités Européennes, 65 rue du Jard,
F-51100 REIMS

Tel: 33 3 26 85 18 15; Fax: 33 3 268 313 79

E-mail: ghaug.europ@wanadoo.fr



Dr. Andrejs RAUHVARGERS, Academic Information Center-  Latvian ENIC/NARIC, Valnu iela 2, LV-1050 Riga

E Tel: +371 1 229 735; Fax: +371 7 221 006;

E-mail: andrejs@apa.lv




Professor Maria da Graēa FIALHO, Universidade de Lisboa - Faculdade de Ciźncias

Conselho cientifico, Rua Ernesto Vasconcelos, Ed. C5 - Campo Grande,


E Tel. +351 1 757 44 86 Fax: +351 1 759 77 16

E-mail: gfialho@alf1.cii.fc.ul.pt



Mr Ulf ÖHLUND, Head of Swedish ENIC/NARIC, National Agency for Higher Education, Box 78 51, SE - 10399 STOCKHOLM

E Tel. +46 8 56 30 88 29 Fax: +46 8 56 30 86 50

E-mail: Ulf.Ohlund@hsv.se







of the ENIC/NARIC working party
on Recognition issues in the Bologna process



F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex, FRANCE

Directorate General IV: Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Environment

Directorate of School, Out-of-School and Higher Education/Higher Education and Research Division

Mr. Sjur BERGAN, Co-Secretary of the ENIC Network, Head of the Division

Tel: 33 3 88 412 643; Fax: 33 3 88 412 706;

E-mail: sjur.bergan@coe.int



7, rue Belliard, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium


Ms. Ginette NABAVI

Tel: 32 2 295 23 47; Fax: 32 2 299 41 53;

E-mail: ginette.nabavi@dg22.cec.be




UNESCO European Centre for Higher Education, 39, Stirbei Voda Street,
RO-70732 Bucharest

Mr Lazar VLASCEANU, Deputy Director



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