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                                               Information on  Bologna process from 1999 to 2005

External dimension Working group members

Terms of Reference of the External dimension Working group

The working group submitted 

- Strategy for the External Dimension of the Bologna Process  and
- Final report
"Looking out: The Bologna Process in a Global Setting''
  by General Rapporteur Pavel Zgaga

Three Bologna Process Seminars were organized on the External dimension of the Bologna process:

"The Cultural Heritage and Academic Values of the European University and the Attractiveness of the European Higher Education Area" 30 March-1 April 2006. Vatican City

“Putting European Higher Education Area on the Map: Developing Strategies for Attractiveness”, Athens, 24th -26th June 2006

“Looking out! Bologna in a global setting”, Oslo, 28 – 29 September 2006







External dimension Working group members:

Permanent members of the Working Group are as follows:

Chair :Toril Johansson (Norway)


Barbara Weitgruber (Austria)
Mogens Berg (Denmark)
Eric Froment (France)
Birgit Galler (Germany)
Athanasios Kyriazis (Greece)
Padre Friedrich Bechina (the Holy See)
Joseph Mifsud (Malta)
Pedro Lourtie (Portugal)
Felix Haering Pérez (Spain)
Annika Persson Pontén (Sweden)
Bernd Wächter (ACA)
Sjur Bergan (CoE)
Monique Fouilhoux (EI)
Daithí Mac Síthìgh (ESIB)
Anita Līce (ESIB)
Alan Smith (EC)
Peter van der Hijden (EC)
Michael Gaebel (EUA)
Lesley Wilson (EUA)
Stefan Delplace (EURASHE)

Yvonne Clarke joined the group on behalf of the Bologna Secretariat from London and Pavel Zgaga was invited to be the Rapporteur of the group. The Working Group has also been supported by Foteini Asderaki (Greece), Hélène Lagier (France), Søren Nørgaard (EURASHE), Rolf Larsen (Norway) and Alf Rasmussen (Norway).