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                                               Information on  Bologna process from 1999 to 2005

Stocktaking Working group members

Terms of Reference of the Stocktaking Working group

Bologna Stocktaking report 2007

Results of Bologna process Stocktaking 2007 -  presentation by Chair of Stocktaking working group Andrejs Rauhvargrers at London ministerial conference 17 May 2007

Bologna Stocktaking was based mainly upon
National reports of the 2005-2007 period
National action plans for improving recognition

The results were cross-checked with
 - Eurydice
report Focus on the structure of higher education in Europe - 2006/07 Edition
- EUA Trends V Report
- ESU report Bologna With Student Eyes





Stocktaking Working group members:

Chair: Prof Andrejs Rauhvargers (Latvia)


Marie-Anne Persoons (Belgium - Flemish Community)
Heli Aru (Estonia)
Uta Grund (Germany)
Foteini Asderaki (Greece)
Sverre Rustad (Norway)
Camelia Sturza (Romania, replaced Prof Vasile Isan)

Darinka Vrecko (Slovenia)
Prof Aybar Ertepinar (Turkey)

David Crosier (European University Association)
Stéphanie Oberheidt (Eurydice European Unit)
Ann McVie (Bologna Secretariat)

Expert appointed to assist working group
Cynthia Deane (Options Consulting)


Terms of Reference of the Stocktaking working group

In order to realise the objectives set by the Ministers, the Working Group shall:

1.  Identify the key issues to be addressed through the stocktaking exercise as well as the methodology to be used in this exercise; 
2.  Collaborate with partner and other organisations in order to maximise the use of data sources;
3.  Define, where appropriate, the structure of a separate questionnaire to be used in the stocktaking should this be required;
4.  Prepare a structure for the national contributions to the stocktaking to be submitted by member States; and
5.  Prepare a report for approval by the BFUG in advance of the London Conference in 2007.
The Working Group will be supported in its task by the Secretariat, and shall draw on expertise as it considers appropriate.

The Group shall submit reports to the BFUG, and shall make its draft reports and other relevant documents accessible for all BFUG members on the web. 
EUA shall participate in the work for stocktaking through delegating an expert.
The working group can decide to select more organizations to participate as experts in its meetings