"Recognition of Prior Learning, Quality Assurance and the Implementation of Procedures"


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Bologna Process 




 ACE - professional
 section of the EAIE


Bologna Seminar hosted by the Dutch Government
11-12 December 2008, Amsterdam  

Concluding presentation of the general rapporteur

Thursday 11 December




              and also used in the workshop: case study

              (more information about the project, mentioned in the workshop, on






              and the documents, used in the workshop:
              -  DIT RPL Diagram                            - 
DIT RPL Policy and Procedures 2

              -  NQAI RPL Guidelines (DIT )          -  RPL Initial Self Assessment        

              -  Using your prior learning...            -  Q1B in RPL HE (FAA)

Friday 12 December



Document NARIC's

Document 'Study on Formal Recognition of Non-Formal and Informal Learning'

(presented by Jenneke Lokhoff on Friday morning)

The 'old' documents

list with participants (if you want to have the e-mail address of a participant, you can

   send an e-mail to info@leido.nl)


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Background Paper for the seminar

A document with information about the 'European Guidelines for Informal and Non-Formal Learning (for VET)' and with some examples of Quality Codes in England, Ireland, The Netherlands et cetera can be downloaded here.

This document was used as 'seminar paper', with useful input for the

And a list with documents about RPL, APL, PLAR, LLL...

Charter on LLL  - 2008 - EUA
European Commission – Common Principles  - 2004
PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) – Principles – Canada – January 2006
Quality Assurance in PLAR – Canada – 2007 - Volume II
Quality Assurance in PLAR – Canada – 2007 – Volume III
xamining the implication of APL and Exemption within the QCF in the context of
supporting and measuring learning progressing – May 2007 – UK

Guidelines on the accrediation of prior learning – 2004 – QAA – UK
Bologna with Student Eyes – ESIB/ESU – 2007
Competences in Education and Cross-Border Recognition – NUFFIC/UK-Naric – 2007
Principles and Operational Guidelines for RPL in Further and Higher Education and
training – Ireland – 2006

(Valid)ation of non-formal and informal learning in Europe – 2007 - Cedefop



Newsletter 1 (August 2008):
Covering among others: purpose and main themes of the seminar; structure of the programme; organisation; venue; and participation

Newsletter 2 (September 2008):
Additional information on programme; conference venue; hotels; conference website and documents

Newsletter 3 (October 2008):
Information about: Registration - Programme - Hotels - Visa - Themes and groups during the seminar - Documents about RPL - Next Newsletter

Newsletter 4 (November 2008):
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