"Bologna 2020: Unlocking Europe's potential -
Contributing to a better world"


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Bologna Process 




 ACE - professional
 section of the EAIE






Bologna Seminar organised by the Flemish Community of Belgium and Luxembourg
19-20 May 2008, Ghent (Belgium)


Background documents for the Bologna Seminar in Ghent

Consultations of European stakeholders

     Internationalisation and the EHEA – Bernd Wächter,
     Academic Cooperation Association (ACA)

   Survey coordinated by INCHER - abstracts of the research papers

    Quality, Equity and the Social Dimension - John Brennan, Rajani Naidoo and Kavita Patel

    European Higher Education in Search of a New Legal Order - Jan De Groof

    Features and Future of the Network Society - Kurt De Wit and Jef C. Verhoeven

    The Bologna process towards 2020 - Jeroen Huisman

    The Changing Attractiveness of European Higher Education - Marek Kwiek

    The ingredients of trust in European higher education - Bjørn Stensaker and Åse Gornitzka

    Student Mobility and Staff Mobility in the EHEA Beyond 2010 - Ulrich Teichler

    Economic Imperialism and the Ivory Tower - Pedro Teixeira

    The Relevance of Higher Education - Jussi Välimaa

    New Forms of Doctoral Education and Training in the EHEA - Barbara Kehm

    The External Dimension: Positioning the EHEA in the global higher education world
   - Simon Marginson

    The rationalization of academic work and careers - Julien Barrier and Christine Musselin

    Market governance in higher education - Harry de Boer   

    European Higher Education in Search of a New Institutional Order - Peter Maassen

    The university community in a European community - David Watson and Paul Temple