Seminar on Employability

   by cities

Bologna Process 




 ACE - professional
 section of the EAIE






Official Bologna Process Seminar
Luxembourg,  6 - 7 Nov 2008

Background documents:
- Employability group update
                      - The Flexible Professional in the Knowledge Society-  REFLEX project

                      - REFLEX project final report
                      - Responses to the short country survey of the employability working group

Plenary 1

Graeme Roberts, Higher Education Academy
François Biltgen, Luxembourg
Frank Vandenbroucke, Flemish Community of Belgium
David Coyne, European Commission

Plenary 2

Frank Stefan Becker, Siemens
Ellen Hazelkorn, Dublin Institute of Technology

Plenary 3

Jean-Louis Mercy, Eurostat
Sabina Crameri and Katrin Schuler, Universität St. Gallen
Lore Arthur, The Open University

Panel discussion

European Universities’ Charter on Lifelong learning (Howard Davies, EUA)

Working Group 1

Working Group 2

Working Group 3

Christine Buelens, METALogic
Bruno Carrias, Mouvement des Entreprises de France (in French)
Bernd Mentzel, Volkswagen AG
Aloyse Schoos, International Electronics & Engineering (4,5 MB)

Working Group 4

Bruce Wood, Glasgow Caledonian University
Marie-Pierre Mairesse, Université de Valenciennes (in French)