International legal instruments
for academic recognition


   by cities

Bologna Process 



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Legal documents

Explanatory  texts to the documents

Lisbon Recognition Convention

Explanatory report of the Convention

Recommendations on the Recognition Criteria and Procedures


Explanatory memorandum to the  Criteria & Procedures

Outline diagram of recognition steps

Code of Good Practice in the Provision of Transnational Education  (Revised 2007!)

Explanatory memorandum (incuded in the main document)

Guidelines for the recognition of refugees' qualifications

Background paper - a tool for assessment of refugees' qualifications

Recommendations for the Recognition of Joint degrees 


Recommendations for International access qualifications


Guidelines for the mutual recognition between Europe and the USA


Guidelines for the recognition of Russian qualifications


See also:


Diploma Supplement

Revised Explanantory note to the diploma supplement (2007)

 European credit transfer system (ECTS)


Other treaties and conventions regarding recognition can be found at