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Latvian Qualifications Framework

In October 2010, amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations of 2 December 2008 No. 990 “Regulations on the classification of Latvian education” - cancelled; in place the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations of 13 June 2017 No. 322 Regulations on the classification of Latvian education” were approved. These amendments included the referencing of existing formal education programmes to the relevant EQF level. To the new Regulations a table with eight Latvian Qualifications Framework (LQF) level descriptors was also added.

The new Latvian Qualifications Framework, similarly to the EQF, consists of eight reference levels and imparts all stages (basic, secondary and higher education) and types (general, vocational, academic and professional) of education.

More information about the development of LQF is available at: NCP website.