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What is NCP?

The national coordination points (NCP) are the national authority of education governance with relevant functions, which would provide support for and, in cooperation with other institutions and organizations, would supervise the referencing of national qualifications to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

The Academic Information Centre has acted as the Latvian National Coordination Point Since February 2008.

What are NCPs' functions?

National Coordination Points have the following tasks:

  • To reference existing national qualifications levels to the eight levels of the European Qualifications Framework;
  • To ensure that a transparent methodology is used to reference the national qualifications levels to the EQF;
  • To provide access to information and guidance to stakeholders concerning the issues how national qualifications relate to the EQF through the national qualifications frameworks or systems;
  • To promote the participation of all relevant stakeholders on the comparison and use of qualifications at the European level in accordance with the national legislation and practice.

Where is the Latvian referencing process described? 

The Academic Information Centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science prepared Self-Assessment Report "Referencing of the Latvian Education System to the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning and the Qualifications Framework for the European Higher Education Area" that was officially presented during the meeting of the EQF Advisory Group in October 2011. The Self-Assessment Report outlines the referencing process of the Latvian formal qualifications to the EQF and the QF-EHEA. An updated 2nd version of the Latvian Self-Assessment Report is available here: Latvian  English

In November 2018, the Academic Information Centre prepared an updated Self-Assessment Report "Referencing the Latvian Qualifications Framework to the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning and the Qualifications Framework for European Higher Education Area", which will be officially presented at the EQF Advisory Group meeting in Brussels in autumn 2019. The updated Self-Assessment Report is available here: Latvian English

Where to get more information on NCP and EQF?

More information about the Latvian National Coordination Point on the NCP website.

More information about the European Qualifications Framework and other national qualifications frameworks on EQF website launched by the European Commission.