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   Final report









  Final report   Programme & presentations    Reference materials    
Improving the recognition system
of degrees and study credit points

  Riga, University of Latvia, December 3-4, 2004

 Seminar outcomes:
 Recommendations of the seminar

 Final report of the seminar by Stephen Adam,University of Westminster, London

Programme & papers by plenary speakers:

 Seminar programme

 Opening address
Prof. Ina Druviete, Latvian Minister of Education and Science

report "Improving the Recognition System "
      Andrejs Rauhvargers,  President of the Lisbon Convention Committee  (Latvia)

 Written contributions by plenary speakers (see Powerpoint presentations here)

International recognition and quality assurance - two priorities of Bologna -
        Jindra Divis, NUFFIC,
The Hague

        Developments along subject lines and their impact on recognition  -
lia Gonzales - University of Deusto, Bilbao (Spain)

Recognition for the labour market -
        Dirk Haaksman, NUFFIC, The Hague

Recognizing learning outcomes -
        Norman Sharp, Quality assurance Agency, Glasgow (Scotland)

The impact of emerging qualifications frameworks on recognition -
Stephen Adam, University of Westminster, London

        Recognition of credit points – achievements and problems
        Wolker Gehmlich, Fachhochschule Osnabrück, Germany

Programs, Providers and Accreditors on the Move: Implications for Recognition of Qualifications,
        Jane Knight, University of Toronto, Canada

       Observations on the United States as Stakeholder in the Bologna Process
       Timothy S. Thompson,  University of Pittsburgh & National Council on the Evaluation of
       Foreign Educational Credentials, USA

Powerpoint presentations

  Plenary speakers, Dec 3 morning
Andrejs Rauhvargers  Improving the recognition system -
                                         background report                               
pdf document

Jindra Divis International recognition and quality assurance   PowerPoint  pdf document

        Julia Gonzales Developments along subject lines
                               and their impact on Recognition                    

        Dirk Haaksman   Recognition for the labour market -              PowerPoint  pdf document

Norman Sharp  Recognizing learning outcomes -                     PowerPoint
Stephen Adam Qualifications frameworks on recognition -      PowerPoint  pdf document

Wolker Gehmlich Recognition of credit points                          PowerPoint  pdf document
       Jane Knight
Programs, Providers & Accreditors on the Move                       pdf document

      Timothy S. Thompson, Observations on the United States                             pdf document
      as Stakeholder in the Bologna Process                                     


    Speakers at panel Recognition 2010 (some)
    Sjur Bergan                PowerPoint

    Gunnar Vaht               PowerPoint 

    Reports from working groups (some)

    Working group 3  Recognition and learning outcomes  PowerPoint
    Working group 4  Recognition and quality assurance   PowerPoint


Reference  materials

       I Documents

          International legal framework for recognition -
(Lisbon Convention and its supplementary documents) 

          Recognition of foreign qualifications (guidebook)
          Documents by the ENIC and NARIC networks:
              ENIC-NARIC Charter of activities and services (2004)
              Strasbourg Statement (2004)
            Vaduz statement (2003)
              Strategy of provision of the information  neeeded  for  recognition  (2004)
              Recognition issues in the Bologna process (2002)
              More information on the ENIC-NARIC website

     II Results of relevant recent Bologna seminars

          Using Learning Outcomes, Edinburgh, 1-2 July, 2004
        Qualification Structures in European Higher Education, Copenhagen, 27-28 March,  2003
          Recognition & Credit Systems in the Context of Lifelong Learning, Prague, June 2003








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