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Joint website of ENIC and NARIC networks
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NARIC website

European recognition networks

There are two networks of academic recognition information centres  in the European region.

The ENIC network of Council of Europe and UNESCO includes the national information centres for academic recognition and mobility. ENIC centres exist in 42 countries of the UNESCO Europe region, including besides the geographical Europe also Australia, Canada, Israel, USA and some non-European countries successors of the former USSR. Establishing of national ENIC centres is stipulated in the Lisbon recognition convention. The role and mandate of the ENIC network and the individual ENIC centres is described in the following documents:

Terms of reference of the ENIC network and of the individual ENIC centres
Role of ENIC centres in the implementation of Lisbon Convention

The NARIC network   is the EU network of national academic recognition information centres. It includes the NARIC centres of the EU member states and associated countries. Normally each NARIC centre is at the same time an ENIC centre, but NARICs also have their specific EU-related functions regarding recognition of qualifications and study credit points within the SOCRATES programme and most of them also serve as contact points providing information regarding the professional recognition under EU directives, see NARIC home page. NARIC network maintains the NARIC Guide to education systems of EU/EEA countries.

ENIC and NARIC networks  actively respond to the new developments. In recent years recognition networks have established several working parties, which have addressed specific recognition issues and prepared supplementary documents to Lisbon convention.


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