Aligning National against European Qualifications Frameworks:
the principles of self certification


   by cities

Bologna Process 




 ACE - professional
 section of the EAIE






Bologna Seminar organised by the Ministry of Education of Georgia
in cooperation with the Council of Europe
Tbilisi State University, 27-28 November 2008

Conclusions and Recommendations of the seminar
Final Report of the General Rapporteur, Vera Stastna

Background document for discussion groups


   - Gerard Madill, Universities Scotland
   - Nodar Surguladze, Georgia
    - Lali Bakradze, Georgia
    - Carlo Scatoli, European Commission
    - John Scattergood, Trinity College Dublin
    - Florian Pecenka, Austria
    - Gerard Madill, Council of Europe
    - Mark Frederiks, NVAO