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competences and researcher careers


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Bologna Process 




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Official Bologna Seminar
on the internationalisation of the third cycle
Helsinki, 30 September - 1 October 2008


Background material (pdf)

Bologna 3rd Cycle in the European Higher Education Area: From University Perspective,  Secretary General Lesley Wilson, European University Association (EUA)

Recent developments of HR policies in Europe , Dr. Massimo Serpieri, DG Research, European Commission

Science as a solution to global problems , Finland Distinguished Professor Douglas Worsnop, Helsinki University

Doctoral Schools and Transferable Skills , Professor Mary Ritter, Imperial College London

International PhD training: Joint PhD degree of EMBL and University of Helsinki, Dr. Mikko Taipale, Whitehead Institute, MIT

Bologna 3rd Cycle in the European Higher Education Area: From Student Perspective, Doctoral Student Rossella Iraci Capuccinello, European Student Union (ESU)

The possibilities of internationalisation in PhD training , Dr. Riitta Mustonen, Academy of Finland

Recent developments in PhD training and research career in Finland , Professor Eero Vuorio, University of Turku

Working groups:

1. Competences
The eternal tension in PhD labour market preparation. Broad training and high specialization
, Chair Dr. Hans Sonneveld, Universiteit Utrecht 
Summary of working group , Rapporteur Professor Riitta Pyykkö, University of Turku

2. Internationalisation
Policy measures supporting the internationalisation of the 3rd cycle degrees , Chair Mr. Ilkka Turunen, Finnish Ministry of Education
Summary of working group , Rapporteur Dr. Rósa Gunnarsdóttir, Iceland Ministry of Education

3. Researcher career and best practices
Skills development as a part of the career development for doctoral candidates and younger researchers in Europe
, Chair Ms. Karoline Holländer, The European Council for Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers (EURODOC)
Summary of working group ,  Rapporteur Dr. Mikko Taipale, Whitehead Institute, MIT

Outcomes of the seminar and future steps perceived , Dr. Robert Wagenaar, University of Groningen


seminar was aimed at policy makers, designers and organisers of postgraduate education as well as for various stakeholders in the Bologna process. Due to our premises, the seminar was limited to 200 participants by invitation only.


Bologna process at the Finnish Ministry of Education

European University Association involvement in Bologna process

Overarching framework of qualifications of the EHEA

European qualifications framework

Tuning educational structures in Europe

Other organisers: 

Academy of Finland, CIMO, Finnish Council of University Rectors and the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council