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 Official* Bologna Process seminars                   2007- 2009    1999-2007 
 Other** seminars relevant to Bologna Process  1999-2009

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* "Official" Bologna process seminars and conferences are those included in  the Bologna Work programme for the current two-year period. Such work pan is elaborated after each Bologna process ministerial conference and approved by the intergovernmental Bologna follow-up group. The work plan aims to address the main Bologna declaration action lines plus the priority issues defined by the ministers for the current two-year period.

**"Other" seminar and conferences are ones relevant to Bologna Process but organized outside the European-level Bologna Action plan approved by Bologna Follow-up Group.

Official Bologna Process seminars 2007-2009

Joint programmes and student mobility (Programme only available) 22-23 Mar, 2009 Chelyabinsk, Russia
Assessment of Prior Learning; Quality assurance and implementation of procedures 11-12 Dec 2008 Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
Quality Assurance in Transnational Education - from words to action 1-2 Dec, 2008 London, UK
European conference on qualifications frameworks 27-28 Nov 2008 Tbilisi, Georgia
Equality in a knowledge based society: How to widen opportunities? 10 -11 Nov 2008 Budapest, Hungary
Europe, an Area of Student Mobility  (Programme only available) 4-5 November 2008 Nancy, France
Conference on Employability 6 - 7 Nov 2008 Luxembourg
Structure of medical studies in Europe 10 - 11 Oct 2008 Berlin, Germany
EI/ESU Mobility  Conference 6-7 Okt 2008 Lille, France
Quality assurance in higher education 9-10 Sep 2008 Strasbourg, France
Seminar on Third Cycle Degrees 30 sep- 01 Oct 2008 Helsinki, Finland
Development of a common understanding of Learning Outcomes and ECTS 19-20 Jun 2008 Porto, Portugal
Punished for being mobile? Staff Mobility and Pension Arrangements  12-13 Jun 2008 Berlin, Germany
Fostering student mobility: next steps? Involving stakeholders for an improved mobility inside the EHEA ? 29-30 May 2008 Brussels, Belgium
Bologna Beyond 2010 19-20 May 2008 Ghent, Belgium
ECTS based on learning outcomes and student workload 17-18 Apr 2008 Moscow, Russia
Universities and Lifelong Learning 10-11 Mar 2008 Brdo, Slovenia
Learning outcomes based higher education: the Scottish experience 21-22 Feb 2008 Edinourgh, Scotland
Forum on Qualifications Frameworks 11-12 Oct 2007 Strasbourg, France

Official Bologna Process seminars 2005-2007

Making Bologna a Reality - Mobility of staff and students 8-9 February London, UK
New challenges in recognition: Recognition of prior learning and recognition of European degrees outside Europe 25-26 January  2007 Riga, Latvia
Doctoral Programmes in Europe 7-9 December 2006 Nice, France
Looking out! Bologna in a global setting” 28-29 September 2006 Oslo, Norway
Joint Degree Programmes –
A Hallmark For the European Higher Education Area?
21-22 September 200 Berlin, Germany
The Implications of the Bologna Three Cycles for Employability 12-14 July 2006 Swansea,  UK
Putting European Higher Education Area on the Map: Developing Strategies for Attractiveness, 24 -26 June 2006 Athens, Greece
A researcher’s labour market: Europe – a pole of attraction? 1-2 June 2006 Vienna, Austria
The Cultural Heritage and Academic Values of the European University and the Attractiveness of the European Higher Education Area 30 March-1 April 2006 Vatican City
Cooperation between accreditation committees/agencies Warsaw, Poland 14-16 Feb 2005
Doctoral Programmes for the European Knowledge Society Salzburg, Austria 3-5 Feb, 2005
The social dimension of the European higher education area and world-wide competition Paris, France 27-28 Jan 2005
The Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area Copenhagen, Denmark 13-14 Jan 2005
Improving the Recognition System of Degrees and Periods of Studies Riga, Latvia


3-4 Dec, 2004


Bachelor’s Degree: What is it St. Petersburg, Russia 25-26 Nov, 2004
New Generation of Policy Documents and Laws for Higher Education: Their Thrust in the Context of the Bologna Process Warsaw, Poland 4-6 Nov, 2004
The employability and its link to the objectives of the Bologna Process Bled, Slovenia 22-23 Oct, 2004
Designing policies for mobile students Nordwijk, The Netherlands 11-12 Oct,  2004
Public Responsibility for Higher Education and Research, organised by the Council of Europe Strasbourg, France

 23-24 Sep, 2004

Methodological Tools for Evaluation and Accreditation Within the European Framework Santander 29-30 Jul, 2004
Using learning outcomes Edinburgh 1-2 Jul, 2004
Bologna and the challenges of eLearning and distance education Ghent 5-6 Jun, 2004
Joint degrees 2004 
previous seminar on JD was held in 2002)
Stockholm 6-7 May, 2004
Student involvement in the governance of HE Oslo 12-14 Jun, 2003
Lifelong learning and credits Prague  5-7 Jun, 2003
Integrated curricula – Implications and Prospects Mantova 11-12 Apr, 2003
Qualification structures in the European HE Copenhagen 27-28 mar, 2003
Master-level Degrees, Helsinki 14-15 Mar, 2003
Exploring the social dimensions of the European
higher education area
Athens 19-20 Feb, 2003
European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) Zürich 11-12 Oct, 2002
Joint degrees 2002 Stockholm 30-31 May, 2002
Recognition issues in the Bologna Process Lisbon

11-12 Apr, 2002

Working on the European Dimension of Quality Amsterdam 11-12 Mar, 2002
Transnational education Malmö 30-31 Mar, 2001
Bachelor-level Degrees Helsinki 16-17 Feb , 2001
Towards accreditation schemes for HE in Europe Lisbon 8-9 Feb, 2001

Other seminars/conferences relevant to Bologna Process
in the period of
this list of Bologna-relevant events is not exhaustive - only some of the European-scale events are listed.

EUA Convention in Lisbon: Europe's universities beyond 2010 - diversity with a common purpose Lisbon, Portugal 29-31 Mar 2007
EURASHE 17th General Assembly and Annual Conference Copenhagen, Denmark 26-27 April 2007
13th European Students Convention: Students Taking Stock Berlin, Germany 16 - 19 Mar 2006
2006 European Quality Assurance Forum: "Embedding Quality Culture in Higher Education"  Munich, Germany 23-25 Nov 2006
The Legitimacy of Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Council of Europe Higher Education Forum Strasbourg, France 19-20 Sep 2006
The Responsibility of Higher Education for Democratic Culture. Council of Europe Forum Strasbourg, France 22-23 June 2006
Higher Education Governance. Council of Europe Higher Education Forum Strasbourg, France 22-23 Sep 2005
EUA Convention 'Strong universities for Europe' Glasgow 30-31 Mar, 2005
Student Mobility in the
European Higher Education Area 2010
Bonn, Germany  17-18 Mar 2005
Seminar on Higher Education: Short Cycle  Amsterdam, The Netherlands 24 Jan, 2005,
Opening up to the Wider World: The External Dimension of the Bologna Process (organiser ACA) Hamburg, Germany 18-19 Oct, 2004
Seminar on "Chemistry Studies in the European Higher Education Area" Dresden 14-15 Jun, 2004
Tuning educational Structures in Europe  - Phase II Closing conference Brussels 21 May 2004

Higher Education in Ukraine and the Bologna Process

Kyiv, Ukraine

13-14 May 2004

Graz Convention of Higher Education Graz 29-31 May, 2003
Globalization and Higher Education: Implications for North - South Dialogue (UNESCO conference) Oslo 26-27 May, 2003
The External Dimension of the Bologna Process Bucharest 6-8 March, 2003
1st UNESCO Global Forum on International Quality Assurance, Accreditation and the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education Paris 18-19 Oct, 2002
Joint Masters' Project launch conference Brussels 20 Sep, 2002
UNESCO Expert meeting  on the Impact of Globalization on Higher Education Paris 10-11 Sep, 2001
Salamanca Convention of Higher Education Salamanca 29-30 Mar, 2001