Statements and action plans of  stakeholders
 regarding Bologna process 1999-2003

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Bologna Process 





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Statements by European
higher education organizations,  networks etc.

  Stakeholder Name of document  
EAIE European Association for International Education EAIE comment on Bologna declaration 1999
European Academic recognition networks ENIC/NARIC Vaduz Statement
ENQA European Network of quality assurance Statement to the conference of European ministers of education in Berlin 2003
ESIB European National Student Unions Download several ESIB statements from ESIB website  
EUA European University Association Graz Declaration - Forward from Berlin: the role of universities 2003
EURASHE European association of HEIs EURASHE Policy paper on Bologna process 2002
SEE South-East European Educational Cooperation Network The European higher education area and south east Europe 2003
UNICE Union of Industrial and Employers' confederations in Europe UNICE position paper on the future EU cooperation in the field of education and training 2003
University networks Coimbra, Compostela, Santander, and UNICA networks of  universities Joint declaration of the European university networks 2003



Statements by stakeholders representing  subject areas

  Stakeholder Name of document  
AEC Association of Music HEIs AEC Declaration 1999


Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research,

European Society for Engineering Education

Communication of CESAER and SEFI on the Bologna Declaration 2003
CLAIU Professional engineering associations in the European Union Opinion on the Sorbonne/Bologna Declaration 2000
CLUSTER Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research Statement on the implementation of the Bachelor/Masterís model 2003
EAAE European association for architectural education Statement on the Architectural education in the European Higher Education Area 2001
ELIA-AEC Associations of Arts and Music HEIs Towards a European space for higher arts education 2003
ELFA European Law Faculties Association For a European Space of Legal Education 2002
FEANI European Federation of National Engineering Associations Statement on Bologna and Prague Declarations 2001
SEFI European Society for Engineering Education Opinion on the Joint Declaration of the European Ministers of Education, signed in Bologna 2000