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1 Air traffic controller Information
2 Aircraft technical maintenance specialist: Information
3 Architect Information
4 Assistant dentist Information
5 Assistant of nurse Information
6 Aviation security officer Information
7 Civil aviation security inspector Information
8 Civil engineer (in the field of construction): Sub-specialities
9 Cockpit flight engineer Information
10 Construction technician Information
11 Cosmetician Information
12 Dental hygienlist Information
13 Dental technician Sub-specialities
14 Dentist Sub-specialities
15 Doctor Sub-specialities
16 Doctor"s additional specialities Sub-specialities
17 Doctor?s assistant Sub-specialities
18 Driver of a vehicle carrying dangerous goods by road Information
19 Driver of power-driven vehicle Sub-specialities
20 Electric mounter (electrician) Information
21 Electrical engineer Information
22 Electrician Information
23 Engine ? driver (machinist) Information
24 Engine ? driver instructor Information
25 Engine-driver?s assistant Information
26 Ergo therapist Information
27 Ergo therapist?s assistant Information
28 Estate surveyor Information
29 Flight navigator Information
30 Hidrograph Information
31 Hippo therapist Information
32 Hippo therapist"s assistant Information
33 Laboratory assistant Sub-specialities
34 Lawyer (advocate) Sub-specialities
35 Lecturers of safety consultant (advisor training for carriage of dangerous loads Information
36 Master (of the ship) Sub-specialities
37 Medical nurse (of general care) Sub-specialities
38 Midwife Information
39 Nurse (specialist nurse) Sub-specialities
40 Nurse in dentistry Information
41 Optometrist Information
42 Pharmaceutist Information
43 Pharmaceutist?s assistant Information
44 Physiotherapist Information
45 Physiotherapist?s assistant Information
46 Pilot (in aviation) Sub-specialities
47 Pilot radiotelephone operator Information
48 Professions in animal husbandry Sub-specialities
49 Radio specialist (in maritime) Sub-specialities
50 Rating Sub-specialities
51 Safety consultant (advisor) of carriage of dangerous loads Information
52 Ship"s engineer Sub-specialities
53 Speech therapist Information
54 Sports specialists Sub-specialities
55 Sworn auditor Information
56 Sworn land surveyor Information
57 Teacher Sub-specialities
58 Technical orthoptist Information
59 Veterinary surgeon (veterinarian) Information
60 Welder of metalic materials Information
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