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1 Air traffic controller Information
2 Aircraft technical maintenance specialist: Information
3 Architect Information
4 Assistant dentist Information
5 Assistant of nurse Information
6 Aviation security officer Information
7 Civil aviation security inspector Information
8 Civil engineer (in the field of construction):  
  Civil engineer Information
  Engineer of transport constructions Information
  Engineer of heat and gas technologies Information
  Engineer of water technologies Information
  Engineer of hydrotehnical constructions Information
9 Cockpit flight engineer Information
10 Construction technician Information
11 Cosmetician Information
12 Dental hygienlist Information
13 Dental technician  
  Dental technician Information
14 Dentist  
    Parodontologist Information
    Orthodontist Information
    Child dentist Information
    Dental prothesist Information
    Endodontist Information
15 Doctor  
  Internist: (see sub-specialities)  
    Cardiologist Information
    Reumatologist Information
    Phthisio-pneumonologist Information
    Endocrynologist Information
    Nephrologist Information
    Gastroenterologist Information
  Family (general practice) doctor Information
  Surgeon Information
  Neuro-surgeon Information
  Thoracic surgeon Information
  Cardio surgeon Information
  Vascular surgeon Information
  Urologist Information
  Plastic surgeon Information
  Transplantologist Information
  Out-patient clinic surgeon Information
  Pediatric surgeon Information
  Traumatologist, orthopist Information
  Gynecologist (see sub-specialitioes):  
    Child gynecologist Information
  Pediatrician (see sub-specialities):  
    Neonatologist Information
    Child infectologist Information
    Child cardiologist Information
    Child rheumatologist Information
    Child pneumonologist Information
    Child endocrinologist Information
    Child nephrologist Information
    Child gastroenterologist Information
    Child haemato-oncologist Information
    Child allergologist Information
  Oncologist (see sub-specialities):  
    Oncological chemotherapist Information
    Oncological surgeon Information
    Oncological gynecologist Information
  Hematologist Information
  Anesthesiologist reanimatologist Information
  Psychiatrist Information
  Neurologist Information
  Child neurologist Information
  Ophthalmologist Information
    Phoniatrist Information
    Pedaudiologist Information
  Infectologist Information
  Dermatologist; venereologist Information
  Drug therapist, Narcologist Information
  Laboratory doctor (see sub-specialities)  
    Parasitologist Information
    Microbiologist Information
    Cytologist Information
  Hygienist Information
  Therapeutical radiologist Information
  Diagnostic radiologist Information
  Pathologist Information
  Expert of forensic medicine Information
  Doctor of occupational diseases Information
  Doctor of sport medicine Information
  Doctor of rehabilitation  
    Doctor of physical rehabilitation Information
  Doctor of physical medicine Information
  Doctor of emergency medical assistance Information
  Doctor of disaster medicine Information
  Doctor of health care Information
  Psychotherapist Information
  Epidemiologist Information
  Medical geneticist Information
  Transfusiologist Information
  Healthcare manager Information
16 Doctor"s additional specialities  
  allergologist Information
  hepatologist Information
  immunologist Information
  homeopath Information
  cosmetologist Information
  dietician Information
  acupuncturist Information
  doctor of military medicine Information
  doctor of occupational health Information
  prothetic-orthoptist Information
  sexologist, Information
  sexopathologist Information
  expert Information
  hypnotherapist Information
  algolog Information
  ostheopat Information
17 Doctor?s assistant  
  Assistant of doctor of emergency medical assistance Information
  Assistant of doctor of out-patient clinic Information
  Doctor?s assistant Information
18 Driver of a vehicle carrying dangerous goods by road Information
19 Driver of power-driven vehicle  
  Motorcycle driver Information
  Driver of motor vehicle Information
  Driver of agricultural or forestry tractor Information
20 Electric mounter (electrician) Information
21 Electrical engineer Information
22 Electrician Information
23 Engine ? driver (machinist) Information
24 Engine ? driver instructor Information
25 Engine-driver?s assistant Information
26 Ergo therapist Information
27 Ergo therapist?s assistant Information
28 Estate surveyor Information
29 Flight navigator Information
30 Hidrograph Information
31 Hippo therapist Information
32 Hippo therapist"s assistant Information
33 Laboratory assistant  
  Biomedical laboratory assistant Information
34 Lawyer (advocate)  
  Assistant of sworn advocate Information
  Sworn advocate Information
35 Lecturers of safety consultant (advisor training for carriage of dangerous loads Information
36 Master (of the ship)  
  Captain Information
  Captain on fishing ships Information
  Captain on inner water ships Information
  Wheelman Information
  Wheelman on fishing ships Information
  Wheelman on inner water ships Information
  Pilot Information
  Ship traffic operator Information
37 Medical nurse (of general care)  
  Nurse of general care Information
38 Midwife Information
39 Nurse (specialist nurse)  
  Nurse of out-patient clinic Information
  Child nurse Information
  Nurse of dermatovenereology Information
  Nurse of diabetology and endocrinology Information
  Nurse of diet Information
  Nurse of endoscopy Information
  Nurse of physical therapy Information
  Nurse of phthisio-pneumonology Information
  Nurse of functional diagnistics Information
  Nurse gynecology Information
  Nurse of infectology Information
  Nurse of intensive therapy and anestesiology Information
  Nurse of surgery Information
  Nurse of narcology Information
  Nurse of emergency medical assistance Information
  Nurse of neuro-surgery Information
  Nurse of neurology Information
  Nurse of ophthalmology Information
  Nurse of oncology Information
  Operation nurse Information
  Nurse for schools and pre-school institutions Information
  Nurse of psychiatry Information
  Nurse of X-ray and radiology Information
  Nurse of public health Information
  Nurse of therapy Information
  Nurse of trasfusiology Information
  Nurse of traumatology and orthopedics Information
  Nurse of podiatrics Information
  Nurse of hemodialysis and renal transplantation Information
  Nurse of peritoneal dialysis Information
  Nurse of urology Information
  Assistant of radiologist Information
40 Nurse in dentistry Information
41 Optometrist Information
42 Pharmaceutist Information
43 Pharmaceutist?s assistant Information
44 Physiotherapist Information
45 Physiotherapist?s assistant Information
46 Pilot (in aviation)  
  Commercial pilot Information
  Pilot of aviolines transport Information
  Pilot of glider Information
  Pilot of aerostat Information
47 Pilot radiotelephone operator Information
48 Professions in animal husbandry  
  supervisor of animals Information
  technician of artificial insemination Information
  ekspert of animals evaluation Information
49 Radio specialist (in maritime)  
  GMDSS operator Information
  Radioelectrician Information
50 Rating  
  Cabin-boy (cadet) Information
  Seaman (see sub-specialities):  
    Guard seaman Information
    Qualified guard seaman Information
    Boatswain Information
    Seaman on fishing ships Information
    Seaman on inner water ships Information
  Motor mechanic of a ship  
    Guard motorman Information
    Qualified guard motorman Information
    Motorman on fishing ships Information
    Motorman on inner water ships Information
  Pump operator (donkerman) Information
  Ships electrician Information
  Cook Information
    Ships steward Information
  Fisherman Information
  Trawl master  
    Trawl master Information
    Senior trawl master Information
  Ship technician  
    Ship technician Information
    Turner Information
    Welder Information
    Locksmith Information
51 Safety consultant (advisor) of carriage of dangerous loads Information
52 Ship"s engineer  
  Ship"s engineer Information
  Ship"s engineer on fishing ships Information
  Ship"s engineer on inner water ships Information
  Ship"s electromechanic Information
  Ship"s refrigeration system engineer Information
53 Speech therapist Information
54 Sports specialists  
  Coach Information
  Instructor Information
55 Sworn auditor Information
56 Sworn land surveyor Information
57 Teacher  
  Teacher of pre-school education Information
  Teacher of primary education Information
  Teacher of special education Information
  Teacher of general secondary education Information
  Teacher of vocational training Information
58 Technical orthoptist Information
59 Veterinary surgeon (veterinarian) Information
60 Welder of metalic materials Information
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