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Organizētāji: Nīderlande

Amsterdama11-12 Dec 2008

"Recognition of Prior Learning, Quality Assurance and the Implementation of Procedures"

Bologna Seminar hosted by the Dutch Government
11-12 December 2008, Amsterdam  

Concluding presentation of the general rapporteur

The other presentation can be downloaded from the conference website icon external link.


Newsletter 1 (August 2008):
Covering among others: purpose and main themes of the seminar; structure of the programme; organisation; venue; and participation

Newsletter 2 (September 2008):
Additional information on programme; conference venue; hotels; conference website and documents

Newsletter 3 (October 2008):
Information about: Registration - Programme - Hotels - Visa - Themes and groups during the seminar - Documents about RPL - Next Newsletter

Newsletter 4 (November 2008):
In this fourth Newsletter more about: Seminar Slogan - Registration - List of participants - Programme - Documents - Practical information - Requests - Next Newsletter


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