Qualifications for Lifelong Learning and Employability 

CEDEFOP, Thessaloniki, 5-6 Oct 2009


Monday 5 October 2009

Welcome and Opening speeches

Part 1: Changing qualification: setting the scene
·    Jens Bjornavold, Cedefop

·    Annie Bouder, Centre for Research on Education, Training and Employment (Cereq), France
·    Mike Coles, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), UK

Part 2: Parallel working groups

Working group 1: Qualifications and its stakeholders
·    Isabelle Le Mouillour: Thematic introduction: Cedefop’s perspective
·    Karen Evans, University of London, UK
·    Brigitte - Véronique Bouquet, National authority for vocational certification, France
·    Jana Möhren, ASIIN, Engineering sector, Germany
·    Jean-Francois Lebrun, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, European Commission

Working group 2: Qualifications as currencies and expressions of value
·    Loukas Zahilas, Thematic introduction: Cedefop’s perspective
·    Michel Feutrie, Lille University of Science and Technology, France (presentation)
·    Mirjam de Jong, VAPRO/OVP, Chemical sector, the Netherlands
·    Petri Lempinen, European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)
·    Jordi Planas, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

Working group 3: Qualifications and lifelong learners
·    Tormod Skjerve, Cedefop: Thematic introduction: Cedefop’s perspective
·    Jenny Bimrose/ Alan Brown, Warwick University, UK
·    Bruno Clematide, Kubix Research and Development, Denmark
·    Jakub Starek, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Czech Republic
·    Poul Monggaard, UNI Europa Hair and Beauty


Tuesday 6 October 2009

Introductory speech: Irene Psifidou, Cedefop

Reports from the working groups

Working group 1: Manfred Polzin
Working group 2: Georg Hanf
Working group 3: Karin Luomi-Messerer

Key messages

From national policy making

·    James Calleja, Malta Qualifications Council (MQC)
·    Tarja Riihmäki, Ministry of Education, Finland

From industry and sectors
·    Juan Menéndez-Valdés, Spanish Confederation of Employers' Organisations (CEOE)
·    Hans–Detlev Küller, Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB)
·    Mirjam de Jong, VAPRO/OVP, Chemical sector, the Netherlands

From research
·    David Raffe, Centre for Educational Sociology, University of Edinburgh, UK
·    Claudio Demartini, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Putting the pieces together: Qualifications towards 2020
·    Aviana Bulgarelli, Director of Cedefop
·    Gordon Clark, DG Education and Culture, European Commission
·    Amelie von Zweigbergk, Swedish Ministry of Education and Research, State Secretary
·    Micheline Scheys, Flemish Ministry of Education and Training, Belgium
·    Arnaldo Abruzzini, Eurochambres, Secretary General


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