Bologna seminar

Embedding Professional Short Cycle Higher Education

in the (Higher) Education System

Budapest, January 20 – 21, 2011

- Ministry of National Resources of Hungary (MNR)
- Budapest Business School (BBS)


Outcomes of the seminar


January 20, 2011 - Plenary Presentations
- Position SCHE in the EHEA: European and National Policy Level, Findings from the EURASHE survey ‘L5 - Missing Link in the Bologna countries’
Part 1: National Qualifications Frameworks and the SCHE
Magda Kirsch, Educonsult, Belgium
- Approaches to Quality Assurance in SCHE (Associate degree)
Henri Ponds, NVAO (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation)
- SCHE in Higher Education: the opinion of the Hungarian employer
Akos Niklai, Vice-President of MGYOSZ (Business Hungary), former
president of the Hotel Association of Hungary and of the Hungarian
National Tourist Office
Workshop Presentations
1. Mission and role of SCHE on a national level:
Sylvie Bonichon, France, Bologna promoter / expert SCHE

2. Role of SCHE, other HE-awards and ‘instruments’ promoting LLL:
- Use of embedded awards at SCHE in the Irish Qualifications Framework to promote LLL
Richard Thorn, IoTI, Ireland Back ground paper
- SCHE and other ‘instruments’ promoting LLL
Ad Vermeulen, Fontys University of Applied Science, member of the
LLL-network in the Netherlands
Erzsébet Szlamka, Ministry for National Resources, Hungary

3. SCHE and its target groups - specifics of students:
- Janneke Korf, manager SCHE, Hanzehogeschool, University of Applied
Sciences, the Netherlands
Balázs Heidrich, Dean, College of Finance and Accountancy, Budapest
Business School
Dániel Kõvári, The National Union of Students in Hungary (HÖOK)

4. NQF: Links of SCHE with HE and VET:
Hans Daale, EURASHE, Chair WG on LLL
Nick Davy, Higher Education Policy Officer, Association of Colleges, UK
/ partner in EUproVET, European Network of National VET Associations
József Roóz, President, Representative Association for Higher Level
Vocational Training, Hungary, rector emeritus, BBS

January 21, 2011 - Plenary presentations
- Position of the SCHE in the EHEA - Findings from the EURASHE survey ‘L5 – Missing Link in the Bologna countries’

Part 2: SCHE and HEIs
Magda Kirsch, Educonsult, Belgium
- The Community College Model
Michael Allen, Associate Vice President for International Programmes & Services, American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)
- Partnership and progression – the role of vocational short-cycle HE in lifelong learning and employment in Scotland
John Lewis, manager Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), Scotland
Workshop presentations
1.Employability: SCHE and the Labour Market, need for specialised qualifications
- Csaba Ferencz, coordinator, Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2.Student centred learning in Higher Education – paradigm shift, methodology & implementation
- Zdenka Steblovnik Župan, Association of Slovene HVC & Wood Technology School Maribor, Siovenia

3.The Canadian and American Experience: Community Colleges and HE
- Hervé Pilon, President, Cégep international, Community Colleges, Quebec, Canada
4.Specifics of SCHE: Characteristics and Requirements in a HE context
- John Lewis, SQA, Scotland
- Eva Sándor-Kriszt, Chair Hungarian Rectors’ Conference, Rector Budapest Business School



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