The Social Dimension of Higher Education -

Building Excellence & Equity

Nicosia, Cyprus, 22-24 Nov 2010

Seminar Background Documents

The Social Dimension of Higher Education - Building Excellence & Equity: Seminar Reader 
Key issues for the EHEA - Social Dimension and Mobility: Report from the Bologna working group on Social Dimension and Data on Mobility of Staff and Students in Participating Countries' (May 2007).
Gender Differences in Educational Outcomes: Study on the Measures Taken and the Current Situation in Europe (Eurydice, June 2010)
European Guidelines for validating non-formal and informal learning (CEDEFOP 2009)
Enabling the low skilled to take one step up: Implementation of Action plan on adult learning' (Public Open Tender EAC/27/2008, January 2010) Final report
Enabling the low skilled to take one step up: Implementation of Action plan on adult learning (Public Open Tender EAC/27/2008, January 2010) Case Study Reports
The Social Situation in the European Union 2009 (EUROSTAT, February 2010) Chapter 5: Education and its Outcomes
Recognition of Non-formal and informal learning. Pointers for policy development' (OECD, March 2010)
Recognition of Non formal and informal learning: Outcomes, policies and practices' (OECD, April 2010). Executive Summary
Highlights from Education at a Glance 2010 (OECD 2010)
Council Conclusions on the Social Dimension of Education and Training, Brussels, 11 May 2010
For the attention of HEREs: Helene Skikos presentation about Youth on the Move
Bologna 1999-2010: Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives, Bologna Ministerial Anniversary 2010
The 18th European Student Convention: Social Dimension - Lost Dimension?, ESU 2009 Annual Convention's Reader (October 2009)
QAA Scotland/Scottish Government Seminar on Recognition of Prior Learning: Sharing European Principles and Practices, Seminar Report (Brussels 17 February 2010)
Facilitating the recognition of prior learning: Toolkit (Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework 2010)
Who gets a degree? Access to tertiary education in Europe 1950 - 2009 (Charles University Prague, Education Policy Centre 2010
Communication from the Commission YOUTH ON THE MOVE. An initiative to unleash the potential of young people to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in the European Union, COM (2010) 477 final. Brussels, 15 September 2010
The Social Dimension and Responsibility of Universities, Conference conclusions. Spanish Presidency of the EU, May 2010
Equity Handbook: How you and your student union can help give people equal opportunities in Higher Education, ESU, november 2009


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