Otrais Boloņas procesa politikas forums
2010. gada 12. martā

"Veidojot globālo zināšanu sabiedrību:
pārmaiņas augstākās izglītības sistēmās un institūcijās"

Vīnes 2. Boloņas foruma paziņojums (angl.)  Franču valodā

Ārpuseiropas valstu ziņojumi

12 March 2010

10.15 (optional) Information Session on the European Higher Education Area

Barbara Weitgruber, Co-Vice Chair of the Bologna Follow-Up Group, Austria
José Manuel Martínez Sierra, Director General for International Affairs, Ministry of Education, Spain
Stamenka Uvalic-Trumbic, Chief, Section for Reform, Innovation and Quality Assurance, UNESCO
Odile Quintin Director General for Education, Training, Culture & Youth, European Commission
ASEMUNDUS – An example of cooperation in the framework of ERASMUS MUNDUS
Siegbert Wuttig German Academic Exchange Service

The Bologna Process: Actions taken and lessons learnt

Pavel Zgaga, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Radu Mircea Damian, Council of Europe
Ann Fritzell, Education International
Marek Frankowicz, European Association of Institutions in Higher Education
Bert Vandenkendelaere, European Students’ Union
Michael Gaebel, European University Association

13.00 Joint Luncheon
14.30 Bologna Policy Forum – Part One / Hofburg Imperial Palace
Opening statement by Androulla Vassiliou - EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism & Youth
Key note by Juan Ramon de la Fuente - President of the International Association of Universities
  Parallel working groups on:
  • The role of higher education in the global knowledge society: How do systems and institutions of higher education deal with the challenges of responding to multiple expectations?
  • Brain drain – brain gain – brain circulation: a matter of perspective or different realities? What does it mean for societies in general and for higher education systems?
  • Cooperation and competition – which is winning out or can they coexist in international higher education?
17.00 Coffee break
17.30 Bologna Policy Forum - Part Two / Hofburg Imperial Palace
18.30 End of conference

Country reports

Higher Education in China

Education Revolution in Colombia & Higher Education System in Colombia

Recent trends and developments in Japan's higher education system

Recent trends and developments in Jordanian higher education

Recent trends and developments in Lebanese higher education

Recent trends and developments in New Zealand's tertiary education

Saudia Arabia's national report

Recent trends and developments in Senegal's higher education (in French)

Systemic and institutional change of higher education in Tunisia

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